My online coaching provides an expertly crafted container for those of us all too often referred to as “angry black women” to alchemize rage into an unshakable, undeniable power.

The world asks too much of Black Women.
We live in a world that is designed to break us.


From persistent structural oppression to the myriad of subtle microaggressions we face on a daily basis.



Constantly having to work twice as hard to get half as much.

The very real impact living in Persistent Traumatic Stressful Environments (like your 98%/majority white corporate job) has on your energy level, sense of self and personal relationships.

About Me

I'm a trauma-informed somatic coach with over 14 years of somatic training, including a 650 hour year long certification. But beyond that I am a black, queer woman and 2nd generation cult survivor, who knows what it's like to swallow decades of rage, resentment, frustration and blatant inequality at work, at home and in personal relationships.

I've seen from my own journey and working with clients that reconnecting with our black bodies is where true self-liberation begins.



why should you work with me?

Wait What?
Either you just read that and got so excited or don't know what half of those words mean or both.
Let me break it down.

My Mission

Using pussy power to alchemize the transgenerational legacy of racialized terror in black nervous systems



How do I do this? What's my philosophy rooted in? You can check more of my influences 

My mission is to support black women as they alchemize anger from living in an inequitable world into concentrated, unshakable power, joy and liberation.


Want to start right now?

Good news is these alchemy tools are easily accessible, free, and available at the click of a button.

Start the journey to alchemize your rage into your own power source with 1 on 1 coaching.