1-1 melanated coaching

Finally someone who looks like you.

My online coaching is designed first and foremost for you.

I specialize in is using tools that guide you back to your body through building awareness of internal sensations. I love focusing on parts of life that are so often overlooked in larger (aka white) society and healing professionals who "don't see color."

This includes making space for the completely justified anger and righteous indignation that we carry in our bones without being pigeon holed as "angry black women."

Exploring of what vulnerability and healing looks like in black bodies (starting with your own).

Reconnecting to your inherent source of vitality and strength.

So I made one that was..

Discover the practical framework and tools that’ll enable you to...

- Receive personalized somatic tools that allow you to get clarity and insight fast
- Integrate and align the biggest blockages you have to accessing more vitality and joy
- Convert anger into insights that guide you to your greatest fulfillment

(6 Sessions Package )

(12 Sessions Package)

Includes Initiate packages and additional...
- Leverage your rage as your greatest teacher, strategist and motivation
- Discover ways to have the most empowering relationship with your anger ever
- Thousand year old tools to alchemize rage into concentrated, unshakable power in your body

(16 Sessions Package)

Includes Inspire packages and additional ways to...
- Radical and effective ways to fundamentally transmute the way you engage with your deepest anger, grief and hurt
- Unearth the secret to show up the way you always dreamed in your life and control the power dynamics in any situation
- Learn and use the art of verbal self-defense as black woman

Ready to Alchemize?

The investment is significant. And so are the results.
 If you’re ready I’d love to support your alchemy.


Asked and answered

What happens on our first call?

Book a complementary 30-minute discovery call. We’ll have a conversation about what is going on in your life and what you’re looking to achieve. If we’re a good fit to work together then we’ll discuss next steps.

How does coaching work?

My coaching sessions provide you with an expertly crafted space where you can explore your anger and EVERYTHING attached to it.
You’ll feel supported and listened to as you alchemize through body centered practices that are designed reconnect with your own deeper wisdom and truth…it’s some witchy shit.
My coaching is also deeply rooted in taking external action to manifest your desires, each time we meet you’ll leave with a juicy action to solidify our work together.

Where will we meet?

All sessions will be done online over zoom. So get cozy, make a cup of your favorite tea and don’t worry about any commute time.

What will we discuss?

Whatever you need to say and feel comfortable sharing. In my experience, anger or frustration is often just the tip of the iceberg to deeper thoughts and experiences. Although some things may be more difficult than others, you’ll never be pushed to share about anything you don’t want to.

Are our conversations confidential?

I take your privacy seriously, so our sessions are held in the strictest confidence.